Save a Girl (SaG) Programme

Programme Name: Save a Girl (SaG) Programme


The Global Uplift Project makes its Save a Girl (SaG) kits at sewing centers in Kenya and Nepal. Among these centers, the Dang Sewing Center, established in 2018, shines as a remarkable symbol of empowerment. The centers employ local seamstresses in well-paying, dignified work that is often the first paying job they have ever had. When not sewing SaG kits, the centers make COVID masks, uniforms for local schools and hospitals, baby blankets, maternity clothes and other item to meet the needs of their community.

Programme Objectives:

The Sewing Center was originally established with the following key objectives:

  • The initiative focuses on providing support and training to economically disadvantaged women, with a special emphasis on those who have been victims of domestic violence or affected by conflict.
  • It aims to empower women through the imparting of valuable skills and the cultivation of self-reliance, ultimately enabling them to lead more independent lives.

Funding Agency: The Global Uplift Project

Programme Period: 2018 ongoing

Programme Area: Dang

Programme Achievements:

Since its inception, the training Center has achieved several significant milestones:

  • Creating Essential Products for a Global Audience: Operating as a production hub for essential items like sanitary pads, masks, and ready-to-wear fabrics, the center’s products have reached international markets, including the United States.
  • Pandemic Response: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the center produced and dispatched 3000 masks and 500 sanitary pads to the United States. Locally, it supplied masks to hospitals, government entities, and businesses. Furthermore, masks and pads were distributed to Dharamshalas in various locations in India.
  • Empowering Schoolgirls: The center provided free sanitary pads to schoolgirls in districts like Dang, Rolpa, Pyuthan, Salyan, and more, addressing a critical need, particularly in areas where the practice of ‘chaupadi’ persists.
  • Collaborative Impact: Collaborating with NWCSC, the center distributed relief food and masks during the pandemic, specifically targeting impoverished communities and effectively coordinating efforts with local governments.
  • Transforming Lives through Training: Over 100 women have received training in tailoring and hojari skills, with more than 35 of them going on to establish and manage their own businesses. Currently, the center actively trains an additional 15 individuals. Notably, six women who were once center employees received comprehensive training in cutting and sewing, sharing testimonials about the life-changing impact of the center’s programmes.

Testimony of Empowerment: Trainee Coach Deepa Basnet’s life transformation illustrates the center’s impact. She expressed profound satisfaction with her journey, highlighting how it brought happiness, financial stability, camaraderie, and the ability to uplift others in her community. Her association with the organization empowered her to provide education for her son and build a home, bringing about significant social advantages beyond financial benefits.