Community Safety Net (CSN)

Programme Name: Community Safety Net (CSN)


The Community Safety Net (CSN) programme, scheduled for 2023-2025, is a vital initiative enhancing community resilience against various challenges. Focused on educating communities about the safety net concept, CSN empowers them to address the aftermath of disasters effectively. Through urgent relief aid and psychosocial well-being efforts, the programme mitigates trauma for affected families. CSN also aims for feminist leadership and political empowerment by coordinating with stakeholders, especially marginalized groups. With activities like training and awareness campaigns, CSN strengthens disaster preparedness, coordination, and response, contributing to effective disaster reduction.

Programme Objectives:

  • To orient on the concept of community safety net at the community level and use and strengthen the concept at the community level.
  • To provide rapid relief aid to families and communities impacted by diverse disasters, mitigating risks of further victimization.
  • To promote psychosocial well-being and services to support individuals affected by disasters, aiding them in overcoming trauma and distress.
  • To foster connections with relevant agencies and stakeholders to address issues affecting marginalized groups, prioritizing collective advocacy, feminist leadership, and political empowerment.
  • To improve disaster management by coordinating with district committees, local government, and relevant organizations involved in disaster reduction.

Funding Agency: Nagarik Aawaz

Programme Period: 2023 to 2025

Programme Area: Banglachuli, Dangisharan and Ghorahi

Programme Activities:

  • To provide orientation and information about this programme and the concept of community safety net to the local government and other concerned bodies.
  • Organizing coordination meetings with local government and other concerned agencies.
  • Stakeholders related to local government and district disaster management are District Disaster Management Committee, District Programme Management Committee, Municipal Programme Development Committee necessary coordination with village programme self-organization committee and other committees and groups) and organizing coordination meetings from time to time.
  • Formation of a group related to community safety net at the municipality level according to the need and orientation in the concept of community safety net.
  • Conduct capacity building training for community safety net groups and other community groups on the concept of community safety net, psychosocial counseling and community psychosocial well-being, preparedness for disaster and other necessary subjects.
  • To increase awareness by providing orientation, discussion and information to school level students and other different groups of the community on the concept of climate change, disaster and community safety net.
  • Raising awareness by publishing and broadcasting message materials related to climate change, disaster management and community safety nets through local radio, newspapers and other media.
  • Establishing and empowering an emergency fund for emergency relief support and operating it effectively.
  • To increase awareness in the community about individual and group psychosocial counseling services and psychosocial well-being and to provide services according to the needs and to coordinate and facilitate the services required.
  • Coordinating the conduct of skill trainings and other necessary support for people, families and communities who are victims of disasters and other types of risk.
  • Women and other socially neglected, marginalized and excluded individuals, families, groups and communities should coordinate and establish contact with all concerned parties and agencies to take initiatives to address the issues and problems that need to be addressed.
  • Conducting, coordinating and facilitating various other activities necessary to provide a community safety net to the extremely poor households of the community and the groups and communities that are at high risk in various ways.

Programme Achievements:

  • Formation of Community Safety Net Groups: Successfully established groups in each of the three working areas (Banglachuli, Dangisharan, and Ghorahi) to promote the concept of community safety nets and strengthen community-level resilience.
  • Conducting Awareness Programs: Executed impactful awareness initiatives to educate local governments and diverse community groups about the Community Safety Net (CSN) program, fostering a thorough comprehension of the safety net concept. Additionally, conducted targeted awareness programs in schools addressing topics related to drug abuse and suicide prevention.
  • Psychosocial Well-being Support: Rescued and provided mental health support to a woman who was suffering from mental illness and had been confined to a room for two years. She has been placed in a mental rescue home, and there has been a noticeable improvement in her condition. Plans are underway for her eventual return home.
  • Emergency Relief Assistance: Responded promptly to a house fire incident by providing emergency relief assistance, including food, clothing, and other essentials, to the affected family, showcasing the program’s commitment to providing urgent relief aid to families and communities facing various disasters.