Climate Change Resilience and Justice Programme

Programme Name: Climate Change Resilience and Justice Programme


Nepal Women Community Service Center (NWCSC) in Dang has been tirelessly dedicated to addressing climate change challenges in the region over the past year. In their pursuit of a more just and climate-resilient future, the organization has utilized its internal funds to sustain these efforts. Operating in collaboration with the Dang municipality, NWCSC has harnessed the strength of the “Promotion of 3 Zero Club,” operating under their guidance. This strategic endeavour not only serves to combat climate change but also aims to empower and uplift women in the community, fostering a more sustainable and equitable future.

Programme Objectives:

  • Build climate resilience in the Dang region through targeted initiatives that mitigate the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.
  • Promote climate justice and equity by ensuring that climate change actions benefit all members of the community, particularly women who often bear the brunt of climate-related challenges.
  • Empower women in Dang by involving them actively in climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, strengthening their role in decision-making processes.

Funding Agency: Nepal Women Community Service Center (NWCSC)

Programme Period: July 2020 to ongoing

Programme Area: Dang

Implementing Partner: Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan

Programme Activities:

  • Renewable Energy Promotion: Encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance access to clean energy.
  • Afforestation and Reforestation: Implement tree planting programmes to restore forests, sequester carbon, and prevent soil erosion.
  • Climate-Resilient Agriculture: Provide training and support for local farmers to adopt climate-resilient agricultural practices, enhancing food security.
  • Water Resource Management: Focus on efficient water resource management and the promotion of sustainable irrigation practices.
  • Climate Awareness Campaigns: Organize community education and awareness programmes on climate change impacts and adaptation strategies.
  • Disaster Preparedness: Develop disaster preparedness plans to respond to extreme weather events and ensure community safety.
  • Gender-Sensitive Initiatives: Implement initiatives that consider the specific vulnerabilities and strengths of women in climate change resilience.
  • Youth Engagement: Involve young people in climate action, recognizing their potential as agents of change.

Programme Achievements:

  • Successful utilization of internal funds to launch and sustain climate change resilience initiatives in Dang, Nepal.
  • Improved access to clean energy through the promotion of renewable energy sources, particularly among women.
  • Enhanced forest cover through tree planting initiatives, contributing to carbon sequestration and soil conservation.
  • Adoption of climate-resilient agricultural practices, increasing local food security.
  • Implementation of water resource management strategies, addressing water scarcity and ensuring sustainable irrigation.
  • -Ongoing climate awareness campaigns, fostering community knowledge and empowerment.
  • Development of disaster preparedness plans to enhance community resilience to extreme weather events.
  • Active involvement of women and youth in climate initiatives, promoting gender equity and youth empowerment.

NWCSC’s Climate Change Resilience and Justice Programme represents a holistic approach to addressing the challenges posed by climate change, ultimately fostering a more just, equitable, and sustainable future in the Dang region.