Building Leadership for Women, Peace, Security and Equity Programme

Project Name: Building Leadership for Women, Peace, Security and Equity Programme


Nagarik Aawaz, Lalitpur is a non-profit organization that practices grounded values of peacebuilding to create agencies of peace (in the forms of peacebuilding organizations, ambassadors, facilitators and volunteers) in an era of growing insecurities and an unaddressed past. The Women for Peace and Security Programme (WPSP) is being implemented by the Nepal Women Community Service Center (NWCSC) in collaboration with Nagarik Aawaz, Lalitpur. The programme is specifically targeted at the districts of Dang and Rolpa in Nepal. Those who lose their partner during the time of armed conflict, violence and who suffer pain are the target group for this programme. The total number of 55 women from Dang district and 45 from Rolpa district was selected. Although there were more effected women in the area but according to the programme a total number of hundred and ten women only remained. Throughout the duration of the programme, the women exceeded expectations with their exceptional performance.

Programme Objectives:

The primary objective of the programme was to help women affected by violence during the armed conflict and those whose husbands disappeared to attain mental well-being, financial independence, and leadership roles. These empowered women would play a pivotal role in fostering peace, enhancing women’s security, and building a more equitable society.

Funding Agency: Nagarik Aawaz

Programme Period: February 2020 to December 2022

Programme Area: Dang and Rolpa

Implementing Partner:

  • Dang: Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city, Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city, Dangisaran Rural municipality, Banglachuli Rural municipality.
  • Rolpa: Rolpa municipality, Triveni rural municipality, Sunilasamutri rural municipality, Runtigadhi Rural Municipality

Programme Activities:

  • Identifying and Engaging Target Women
  • Formation of Peace Groups and Facilitating Discussions
  • Establishment of Peace Centers
  • Women Peace Initiative Operations
  • Coordination Meetings with District-level Stakeholders
  • Training Women Peace Activists in Counselling
  • Capacity Building through Various Training Modules
  • Community-Level Peace Circles
  • Engagement with Stakeholders for Peace Dialogue, including local, district, and province level
  • Offering Counselling Services
  • Promoting Peace Kitchen Gardens
  • Providing Material Support for Peace Kitchen Gardens
  • Business Promotion Support to Targeted Women
  • Psychotherapy and Health Treatment
  • Community School Awareness Programmes
  • Self-Care and Stress Management Training
  • Observing International Day of the Dead
  • Vocational Training in Livelihood Skills
  • Annual Progress Review with Stakeholders
  • Monitoring and Coordination with Stakeholders

Programme Achievements:

The Building Leadership for Women, Peace, Security and Equity achieved significant milestones:

  • Advocating for Mental Health Awareness
  • Promoting Positive Thinking in Families and Society
  • Enhancing the Understanding of Armed Conflict among the Younger Generation
  • Raising Awareness about Stress Management and Psychosocial Counselling
  • Establishment of Peace Centers for Counselling
  • Positive Transformation through Continuous Counselling
  • Empowering Women with Emotional Strength
  • Fostering Empathy through Peace Circles and Dialogues
  • Developing Self-Sufficiency in Addressing Challenges
  • Recognizing the Importance of Mental Health
  • Informing and Committing Stakeholders to Support Conflict Victims
  • Effective Coordination with Local Government
  • Leading Peacebuilding and Anti-Violence Initiatives
  • Uniting Women in Pursuit of Their Rights
  • Women Starting Businesses after Vocational Training
  • Local Authorities Supporting Conflict Victims
  • Improving Health and Daily Activities of Programme Participants

After successfully concluding the Women for Peace and Security Programme, the Nepal Women Community Service Center is pleased to announce their latest endeavour in partnership with Nagarik Aawaaz: the ‘Accountability towards Gender Justice (AGenC)’ project. This project is slated to run from August 2023 to December 2024, building upon our previous achievements while introducing new objectives and activities aimed at fostering positive change.

Continuation of Previous Objectives and Activities: The organization remain committed to the objectives and activities of the earlier programme, ensuring continuity in the efforts to promote gender equality and peace within the communities.

New Objectives and Activities Include:

  1. The programme’s first objective is to provide comprehensive training in psychosocial counselling to key stakeholders in the target areas.
  2. In line with the goal of enhancing mental health support, the programme seeks to empower female health workers and hospital staff by strengthening their training in psychosocial counselling.
  3. Another significant aspect of the programme is the training of psychosocial counsellors. This involves equipping three individuals from each district of Dang and Rolpa, totalling six counsellors, with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The programme also places a strong emphasis on strengthening peace dialogue, extending its efforts to local, district, and provincial levels, with the aim of fostering dialogue and understanding in these regions.