About Us


Nepal women community service center(NWCSC) is an non-governmental, essentially non- political and non-profit making organization. This organization has been registered in District Administration Office Dang in 1993. NWCSC has been affiliated in Social welfare Council, NGO Federation Nepal, Nepal Safe motherhood Federation Network of Nepal.

NWCSC is governed by its constitution and code of conduct. There is an executive committee to govern this organization. NWCSC is unique organization where only female members are consists as BOD representative. The executive committee is inclusive. Representation to the executive committee from women, Dalit, Janajati, has been ensured by the constitution. NWCSC dang conduct regular executive committee meeting, annual general meeting. This organization has open membership, public audit for transparency & accountability according to good governance policy.

NWCSC have been run by a group of dedicated women volunteers, NWCSC strives for equal status of women in all Illiterate and backward society in rural areas. With the aim of eradicating all forms of social evils prior to inclusive development approach on social & economic development of the nation. NWCSC is dedicated towards the protection and promotion of Dalit, Janajati, child, and women rights through advocacy, lobbying and campaigns.  This organization has been carried out various development activities in recent years.

Child and women right, Women health promotion, Child education, Environment protection, Poverty alleviation through Enterprise development, Reduce all form of violence against women,  Humanitarian response are 8 key thematic area of NWCSC.

7 Themes of NWCSC:

The Nepal Women Community Service Center (NWCSC) focuses on seven key thematic areas:

  • Child and women rights
  • Promotion of women’s health
  • Education for children
  • Protection of the environment and Climate Resilience
  • Enterprise development for poverty alleviation
  • Prevention of all forms of violence against women
  • Humanitarian response

VMGO of the Organization:


  • Create an aware and self- reliant women society.


  • NWCSC works to make empower the women by mobilizing of local resources.


  • Social Empowerment of Women
  • Economic Empowerment of Women
  • Addressing Climate Resilience
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Skill Development


Women’s Social Empowerment

  • Leadership development.
  • To work in social, economic, environmental, cultural sectors development of society.
  • To work in the field of reconstruction and rehabilitation at conflict affected areas.
  • To support the victims of conflict, women, children, dalit and ethnic groups.

Women’s Economic Empowerment

  • Marketing and management training.
  • Skill development and income generating program for women.
  • Enterprise develop program.
  • Poverty alleviation.
  • Work as financial mediator to upgrade the economic and social status of underprivilege women.

Addressing Climate Resilience:

  • Awareness about the impact of climate change on women and communities.
  • Empower women to participate in climate resilience and adaptation efforts.
  • Promote sustainable livelihood practices, environmental conservation, and building the capacity of women.
  • Respond effectively to the challenges posed by climate change.

Psychosocial Support:

  • Psychosocial support and counseling to women impacted by conflict, violence, and trauma.
  • Address mental health concerns and promote resilience among affected women.
  • Facilitate healing and recovery through counseling, peer support groups, and psychosocial interventions.
  • Provide assistance for addressing mental health issues and promoting resilience among women affected by trauma and violence.

Skill Development:

  • Empower women with knowledge, skills, and competencies for enhanced employability and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide vocational training, technical education, and capacity-building programs tailored to women’s needs and aspirations.
  • Enable women to access sustainable livelihoods and contribute to economic growth.
  • Empower women with skills for personal and professional growth, fostering social and economic independence.

Organizational Norms and Values

  • Organizing and empowering to conflict-affected community.
  • Participatory planning process.
  • Sustainable and Team work.
  • Transparent and responsibility.
  • Gender equality, Human rights and Social Justice.
  • Internal resource management and social mobilizing.
  • Organization should be directed by policy.
  • Authority decentralization for capacity building and hasty performance.
  • We can learn from every person and community.