Case story of Sangita Dhaulakoti , Peace Ambassador, CMPR Project.

Goltakuri is a developing Gaunpalika according to the newly restructured local level. In ward num. 2 of this Gaunpalika there is a place called SarkiGaun (Dalit Basti) where twelve innocent common people were shot dead on the spot from the government side during the ten years conflict period and this is the same place where Sangita Dhaulakoti was born 22nd Paush 2044 as a daughter to her parents  ather Hurmat Sarki and mother Fulmati Sarki in a common family. Being an uneducated girl of a poor family she married at early age to Sundar Nepali,35, a boy of similar family in her neighborhood.

After the birth in poor family her days of struggle and crisis began, she faced lots of problems in her life being a daughter and women of poor family, she has only completed Lower secondary education because of poverty. Because of unemployment and poverty in country she went to neighboring country India   in search of work.

When she was roaming here and there being impatient she was linked to a mother group formed by NagarikAawaz with the help of a social mobilizer. Due to her activeness soon she made her position in the women group, her leading capacity was liked by the community people, so she became coordinator of the mother group, she involved herself in different skill development training, tours, run by NA and Nepal Women Community Service Center. Through different programs Sangita proved herself a motivated social worker and a good leader.


Sangita continuously developed her capacity, and skill through mother group consequently she was able to make a wide circle of aware women in her community. Her success did not remain in it, she gave the nomination in a dalit women member of ward no 2 in local level election and finally won the post with high difference. Now she has been actively busy in making different plan for the developing her community including SarkiGaun. One can meet her even in the district level meeting today.