By targeting the disadvantaged group including Dalit, Tharu, Janajati and minorities from different cluster of Dang district, NWCSC is conducting the Community livelihood program from Jan 2010 with the support of Heifer International in Sonpur VDC of Dang district. This project aims to raise the economic level of the targeted families through goat raising and collective farming activities. Capacity building and skill development trainings along with social mobilization activities are aimed at bringing holistic changes and empowerment of the project families.



  • To increase the income level of project families.
  • To improve the nutritional, hygiene and sanitation status of the project families
  • To improve the physical environment of the community through conservation of environment by adoption of environment friendly practices.


Budget : NRs  17,38,241

Program Period:  1 Jan 2010 to Dec 2016

Program Area: 

  • Sonpur VDC of Dang district.


  • Group formation and regular meeting.
  • Placement of original livestock and PoG and passing the Gifts.
  • The group receiving goat and swine will pass on its female offspring in 1:1 ratio to members of new groups over two generations.
  • The pass on will take place within 18 months of the receipt of animal.
  • Provide various trainings(Heifer corner Stone training, SHG, Gender , kitchen gardening, fodder and forage, improved animal management, nutrition, pre-cooperative, farmer enterprises analysis and planning)


  • Having made 86 groups including 2148 families, they have successfully made saving up to Rs. 1,98,750.
  • By doing self evaluation and by preparing a single work plan, 6 groups including 147 members have been performing social activities such as cleaning paths, making neat environment and surrounding, grass farming, vegetable farming and goat raring in a progressive way.
  • Groups are getting chance to visit other groups and getting feedback. Through these visits under the project, focusing on implementation of new technology, activities, improvement and achievement are easily and effectively shared.
  • 134 members have improved goat shed, buffalo shed, and 97 members have improved “Tatano”. 324 families have been feeding iodine to cattle. 350 families have started giving maize, wheat etc apart from nutritious grass.

Lesson Learnt

  • Government partnership supported to create enabling environment to increase community participation for development.
  • Gender discrimination and cast discrimination has been reduced after heifer cornerstone training to groups.
  • Women are organized into the group and they have developed the feeling of social and mutual benefits.