Domestic Violence Affected women empowerment Programme

Programme Name: Domestic Violence Affected women empowerment Programme


Nepal Women Community Service Center (NWCSC) has been in the forefront of campaign against violence and all forms of discrimination against women since its establishment in Dang district. It is leading the alliance of NGOs and rights group in Dang district. NWCSC is also working in partnership with local NGOs in near- by districts to support and take appropriate step to ensure Justice for victims.  It was found that most of the victims were unaware to protect the evidence which could be crucial in their fight against perpetrators. Many of them don’t have money to fight lengthy legal cause. Moreover, the patriarchal society at large is not supportive towards victims of sexual violence and often the affected women are victimized twice; first by the perpetrator and for the second time by their family and community.

Programme Objectives:

  • Provide safety and freedom from violence and abuse.
  • Provide psycho- socio counselling and rehabilitate in house.
  • Awareness on self and support from victims
  • Provide safe and health support to victims
  • Change in respectful communication
  • Provide expanded space for action
  • Provide legal and health support

Funding Agency: Internal fund

Programme Period: July 2018 ongoing

Programme Area: Dang

Implementing Partner: The implementing partners includes:

  • Co-ordination with District Administration Office.
  • Sub Regional hospital, Dang
  • District Coordination committee, Dang
  • OCMC, Dang
  • Ghorahi sub metropolitan
  • Local peace committee
  • Human rights branch office Dang.

Programme Activities:

  1. Establishment of the One Window Crisis Management Center (OCMC) in Nepal under the chairmanship of the Chief District Officer of Dang.
  2. NWCSC serves as a member of OCMC, actively working to provide psycho-social counseling and support to victims in the Rapti Zone.
  3. NWCSC has supported 600 victims with various services during the period from July 2018 to July 2019.
  4. OCMC, led by Ms. Radha Poudel, ensures that individual victims receive medical, legal, and other necessary support.
  5. Challenges include delays in the justice system and a non-victim-friendly legal process.
  6. Vested interest groups and local political leaders sometimes protect perpetrators, while many victims lack family support to seek justice.
  7. The need for a social awareness campaign and a broader social movement to combat discrimination against women is recognized.
  8. NWCSC, in partnership with Sakchyam Mahila Victim-Affected Women Support Center, Dang, works to provide social and economic support to victims of domestic violence, particularly women and children in Dang district.
  9. Activities include psycho-social counseling, skill development training, and training related to livestock and agriculture promotion for domestic violence-affected women.

Programme Achievements:

  • 420 violence affected women has been provided psycho-socio counseling support.
  • 40 violence affected women rehabilitated in rehabilitation center.
  • Health related service provided to 850 women and children.

• Educational material supported to 200 children from violence affected family.