From Poverty to Peace: Miss X


I was born into extreme poverty and neglected by my parents. I married twice, having four children from my first marriage and three more from my second. Financial struggles forced me into early morning work. During the Maoist insurgency, I was drawn into the movement, unaware of its implications, and participated in attacks around Pokhara. I was eventually arrested by the Royal Army, enduring 23 months of blindfolded captivity and harsh treatment. Confused and uncertain of my offense, I reflected on life’s fleeting nature in confinement, my appearance growing disorderly over time.

Despite enduring repeated violence, I survived both physically and mentally. Finding comfort in marriage to a fellow conflict survivor, we welcomed a child together. However, haunting memories continued to disturb my mind. Amid ongoing hardships, I sought help and found mental healing through treatment. Thanks to programs at the Nepal Women Community Service Center, I regained mental stability, overcoming suicidal thoughts and finding peace. When conventional medical aid fell short, these organizations, alongside Nagarik Aawaz, provided comprehensive care, transforming my life for the better.


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