Success Story from Education for Empowerment(E4E) Program


Name: Srijana Khadka
Class: 10
School: Shree Secondary School, Dandagau Gogli
Address: Ghorahi 4 Sunpur


Fifteen-year-old Srijana Khadka from Ghorahi 4 Sunpur lost her parents. She lost her parents to the deadly disease HIV/AIDS. The Nepal Women’s Community Service Center conducted an HIV/AIDS test on her, which came out negative. She currently lives with her grandmother. She says, “My family’s financial situation was very weak. My mother used to work for others, but the money she earned was not enough for my brother and mother’s medication. In such a condition, this organization became like a God to me by taking the responsibility for my education from Class UKG till date. They brought me out of darkness into the bright light of education, enabling me to reach Class 10. If I had not received this support, I would not have come this far. Therefore, I always want to express my gratitude and appreciation to this organization.”


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