Change Makers for Peace and Reconciliation(CMPR)


Change Makers for Peace and Reconciliation” is the project which is organized by Nagarik Aawaz and implemented in conflict affected three VDC’s viz. Goltakuri, Phulbari, and Laxmipur of Dang district in partnership with Nepal Women Community Service Center. This project can be taken as the continuation of previous similar project “SADBHAV“, which was able to address different kinds of during and post conflict issues prevailing in the then community.

Program period: February 2017-December 2017

Partner organization: Nagarik Aawaz, Lalitpur

Objective of the project:

  • To reconcile social harmony in the community.
  • To support conflict affected youth and women to reintegration in the community.
  • To create peace structure mechanisms and to develop human resources as change makers for strengthening the community harmony and addressing the community issues.


Budget of the project: NPR 38,12,000.

Major activities or program:

1 Peace Center Establishment and Promotion
2 Mobilization of Youths
3 Program Orientation to District and VDC  Level Stake Holders
4 Community Level Activity
4.1  Orientation on Social issues to Community Group
4.2 Peace Education to School Students
4.3 Peace Campaign in Schools and Community
4.4 Awareness Classes to Peace Volunteers
4.5 Emergency Fund (Travel for Referral Cases, Medical and Food support to Victims)
4.5 District Level  Interaction
4.6 Psychosocial Orientation to Community and Youths group
4.7 Monitoring & Evaluation

Peace Center establishment and operation:

NWCSC has established 3 Peace center in Phulbari, Goaltakuri and Laxmipur VDC of Dang district. The concept of peace center is developed with the intention to provide access of a common forum to the targeted people of program implemented areas. There is a peace center in each program implemented area. According to this concept the peace center is a common place or forum where all the people can visit and use it in their societal benefits for example social gathering, formal meeting , informal venue of day to day discussion, read newspaper, settle down any kinds of disputes occurred in the community  etc.

In each peace center we have a peace ambassador and fifteen peace volunteers where peace volunteers are responsible to the peace ambassador for their entire activities and similarly the peace ambassador is responsible to the higher body of the project. From this it is clear that peace center is a formally established forum by Change Makers for Peace and Reconciliation project but the people can utilize it informally as well as in different formal occasions to develop brotherhood by forgetting the past armed conflict and maintain long lasting peace in the community.


Contact address:

  • Counselor at center office in Ghorahi Dang:

Ms. Laxmi Dhakal, counselor, 9846069633


  • Phulbari Peace center:

Ms. Chita Khada, Peace ambassador , 9847948244

  • Goltakuri Peace Center:
Naragarik Aawaz team observing Phulbari peace center

Mr. Deviram Kushari, Peace ambassador , 9857820716

  • Laxmipur Peace Center:

Ms. Sarashwoti Chaudhary, Peace ambassador, 9809839147


Counseling desk at Goltakuri Peace Center, Dang


Counselor, Ms. Laxmi Dhakal, providing orientation to peace volunteers at Laxmipur peace center, Dang