Nepal Women Community Service Center, Dang

Success Story

Title of the case study: Success Story of a Single Woman
Reporting Person: Mrs. Gauri Yogi
Date: 2072/08/11
Venue/Address: Tripur municipality -7 Dadagaun Dang




This is the success story of a single woman Tulsi Pun Gurung from Tripur municipality-7 Dadagaun Dang.

Tulsi Pun Gurung was born in Rolpa District. She used to do household work &used to cut grass for cattle. When she was 18 years old, she got married with Bhupendra Gurung. After marriage agriculture related work was the way of earning money for their livelihood. In between their elder son Bom Bdr Gurung was born. Similarly daughter Tara Devi and younger son Janak Gurung were born. After some time both husband and wife felt that it was quite hard to run their lives smoothly. Therefore thinking seriously Bhupendra Gurung decided to go to abroad. In 2065 B.S. Bhupendra Gurung went to abroad. In 2066 B.S. the whole family came to Dang district. Due to her husband’s income the condition of her family started improving gradually. Her elder son Bom Bdr Gurung got married at the age of 16 soon after completing his S.L.C. When everything was going well, bad luck entered into their family. Severe accident became the cause of Bhupendra Gurung’s death. After this unfortunate accident the condition of the family had been becoming worse day by day. Even it had been a challenge for Tulsi Pun Gurung to pay fee at school.

In 2067/03/23 she joined NWCSC organization & became the member of center-7 at Tripur-7 Dadagaun. Initially she took Rs 5000.00 as her first loan & bought a goat worth Rs 2500 & paid fee of her children at school. Second time she took Rs. 7000.00 loan to make toilet. Third time she took Rs. 10,000.00 as loan to get connection of electricity at her house. Forth time Rs25000.00 loan for buying goats. Fifth time Rs. 50,000.00 to build her house. She used to work hard in fields & gave continuity to goat, chicken,& duck raring.By this way she managed to pay installments & children became able to continue their study.

Presently her daughter has completed her Intermediate level& joined B.B.S. Her elder son has gone to abroad. Her younger son Janak Gurung is studying in 12th class. Now Tulsi Pun Gurung is satisfied with her condition. Again she has got Rs. 70,000.00 to expend her goat raring business.

Presently there are 6 members in family Her two sons, one daughter& daughter-in-law and grand son.

Change: Tulsi Pun Gurung feels herself as a winner as she managed to pursue her agriculture related work& goat raring business. She also let her children continue their  study.
How the changes were possible (if required) (Working Modality, Process, Environment of NWCSC) Tulsi Pun Gurung thinks that her hard labor has succeeded due to the support of NWCSC. She got the opportunity to take part in various kinds of trainings. Because of these trainings her confidence & knowledge increased. She used to take part& presently also takes part in group meetings. This enhanced the chances of getting more& more information and connection with members. She got loans without any collateral& easy process of payment from organization. This made her struggle positive & fruitful. In her opinion NWCSC has played the role of true guide to be successful in her life& business as well.