The Story of Successful Change

Sim kumari Nepali is from Bhamke Pawan Nagar village Dang district. she came to Ghorahi with her husband Suk Bahadur Nepali in 2055. TheĀ  purpose of husband and wife was to settle in this town.

Now their struggle had started .Their condition was very critical .There was no source of income and they were not having their own house. Initially her husband started working as a labor in “Dote Jutta Pasal”. He used to receive Rs 1500 per month and it was not sufficient to run their life. There was no body to help due to caste discrimination and poverty.

In 2060 she joined NWCSC. She started attending meetings of NWCSC. These meetings gave an opportunity to meet other women to share and discuss their sorrow happiness and hindrance . Initially she received general loan of Rs5000 and gradually it increased upto 100000 in 12 years.

First she was only a house keeper. Her confidence level was very low due to caste discrimination .She was underestimated many time. Thus she couldn’t convince herself to do something for her betterment. She was fully dependent on her husband.

After being the member of NWCSC she got support and help and started thinking of doing something for her family. Therefore she joined her husband’s business. Gradually she learnt all skills and became able to support her husband. They started earning satisfactory money. After sometime they bought plot and their own house.

There are 3 children and they are studying in a boarding school. She finds herself capable to pay their education fee.

Now after a long straggle and fortunately getting the support of NWCSC, she feels changes in her personality. She is skillful so she can run her business successfully and confidently when her husband is out of town. She is having a helper in her shop. By this way she has created job opportunity for others. Now she finds herself able to do banking work as well.

It has been 12 years since she has joined NWCSC. Presently she is satisfied by being capable to provide good education to her children, by being skillful and now she is fully confidence to run her business by herself.

Sima’s shop






Simkumari’s own house with her children