This is the success story of Ms. Chet Bahadur Dangi, Kabhre V.D.C of Dang district. She was from ultra poor family. While she was studying in 8th class,she got married with Chet Bahadur Dangi. Initially the condition of the family was not so good. Her husband was also the student of 8th class and jobless. It was quite hard to earn money for the family. She thought about getting training of tailoring. Unfortunately she didn’t have money to pay fee. So she started working as a labor to be able to pay her fee.  By this way she became able to get training of tailoring. she opened her own shop and started her own work. At that time she was having only one machine.

In 2069/09/20 she joined the micro finance program of NWCSC Dang. Initially she took Rs 20,000.00 as loan to buy 2 sewing machines. She got strength after having money to expend her business. During this period she not only did her work efficiently but also started giving training to other people , again she took Rs 50,000  loan from NWCSC to buy 4 new machines to run her business smoothly and successfully so far she had not only earned money but also earned confidence.

After sometime again she received Rs 80,000 loan from NWCSC. This time her desire was to open a Mobile shop for her husband to create an opportunity of a job to her husband. She attended the meeting of NWCSC regularly. During this time she realized the importance of education .Therefore she encouraged her husband to continue his study. Presently he is successfully doing his M.A. Currently she got Rs 1,00,000  loan and along with her saving she bought plot (4Ropani) worth Rs 9,00,000

Now-a-days while looking back she remembers bitter experiences. While she was trying to get training she was forced by her family to quit due to caste discrimination as the trainer was form lower caste. By facing all opposite circumstances she continued her training .When she engaged in NWCSC Organization she got economical help and group support to make herself independent and being helpful for her family and society.

So,  far she has given training approximately to 50 people. Among them 5 people have established their own business & 2 people are working as helper in her own shop. Presently  she is giving training to 30 people. Though she was very busy in her business and also taking care of her two kids &in-laws ,she not only thought about her own education but also started education. She successfully passed her district level examination.Presently She is Studying In 9th Class.

Developing  SME (Small and Medium Entrepreneur) is also the aim of NWCSC and she has fulfilled our aim by creating job opportunities for her husband as well as other people. she has also played a vital role to reduce cast decimation in the community. Now, she has become respectable person as she has become the source of encouragement for other people in our society.

Loka provides swing skill to other trainer

Mobile shop of Loka’s husband