Nepal women community service center (NWCSC) is implementing micro finance program targeting poor and underprivileged women from rural areas of Rapti Zone. Many institutions are providing financial services however most of them are focused on urban areas by targeting the poor people from remote areas with no access to financial services, further many youths and women lack basic skill and knowledge on financial management so they cannot make proper decision with regard to money management issues  similarly in many remote areas people have no access to modern technology to promote inclusive finance so with the support of SAKCHYAM- access to finance program , NWCSC is implementing “Promoting economic opportunities of rural families by enhancing access to finance service in underserved of Rapti Zone” from June 2015.

Major objective:

  • Extend financial services to rural communities through branch expansion
  • Design products related to remittance targeting foreign migrant workers
  • Develop financial management knowledge among clients through financial/business literacy
  • Create income and employment opportunities to rural people by providing agriculture and livestock training and
  • Pilot branchless banking services


NWCSC contribution: NRs 2,29,60,000.00

SAKCHYAM contribution:  NRs 2,29,60,000.00

Program Period:  June 2015 to May 2018

Funding Agency: UKAID and Louis Berger  

Program Area: 

  • Dang, Pyuthan, Salyan and Rolpa district.

Major activities:

  • New branch expansion in remote areas
  • Provide financial and business literacy to clients
  • Study on remittance and credit need for foreign job seekers.
  • Training to staffs and board member on Branch management, Field management, Risk Management, MIS, Internal control system and good governance, financial management.