For economic and social empowerment of disadvantage and deprived women from rural areas, NWCSC is implementing microfinance program in the mid western region. More than 45,000 household are engaged in saving and credit groups and becoming economically empowered. The working areas are Dang, Pyuthan, Salyan and Rolpa districts of mid western region.


  1. To organize the women in group to develop the social benefit interest among themselves and capacity development.
  2. To involve them on income generating activities and increase their social and economic status.
  3. To work as a financial mediatory in the society to reduction the poverty line and ultimately contribute to poverty reduction strategies of GON.


  1. Rural Micro-finance Development Center Ltd. (RMDC) ,Kathmandu.
  2. First Micro-finance development Bank Ltd. (FMDB), Kathmandu.
  3. Bank of Kathmandu Lumbini Ltd (BoKL)

Program Period:  March 2002 to ongoing

Program districts:  

  • Dang,
  • Salyan
  • Pyuthan
  • Rolpa

Progress status:  

Description As of Ashad 2072


As of Ashad 2073 (000)
Net worth 35949 42282
Saving 132937 204924
Investment 431718 1300398
Operating profit 8743 12500
Loan loss provision (total) 4771 10179
Member 16603 21628