Established in 1993 in Dang district of mid- western Nepal, Nepal Women Community Service Center (NWCSC) is the first women specific non-government organization in Rapti Zone. Run by a group of dedicated women volunteers, the NWCSC strives for equal status and empowerment of women from rural areas. NWCSC essentially is a non political, non partisan, secular organization.

  • Vision: To create an aware and self reliant women’s society.
  • Mission: Local resource mobilization for women empowerment.
  • Goal: Socio and economic empowerment of women


Objectives of Organization:

  1. Women’s social empowerment
    1. Leadership development.
    2. Gender awareness.
    3. Work in social, economic, environmental, cultural, sector’s development at conflict affected and remote areas.
    4. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of conflict affected people and areas.
    5. Support the victims of conflict (women, children, dalit and ethnic group).
    6. HIV and AIDS prevention program.
    7. Peace and development
    8. Environment protection and sustainable development
    9. Renewal energy promotion


  1. Women’s Economic Empowerment :
  •      1. Economic empowerment through microfinance program.
  •      2. Skill development and income generating program for conflict victim and poor women.