Local resource mobilization for women empowerment.

Our Activites

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Microfinance Program

For economic and social empowerment of disadvantage and deprived women from rural areas, NWCSC is implementing microfinance program in the mid western region. More than 45,000 household are engaged in saving and credit groups and becoming economically empowered.

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Education For Empowerment

Education is a fundamental right of people. Every child deserves the future and without education the future of children could not be secure. Many children in Nepal have no access to education due to poor social and economic status. literacy rate of Nepal is 65% and literacy rate of women is 56% (source: census 2011).

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Access to Finance Program

Nepal women community service center (NWCSC) is implementing micro finance program targeting poor and underprivileged women from rural areas of Rapti Zone. Many institutions are providing financial services however most of them are focused on urban areas by targeting the poor people from remote areas with no access to financial services.